Cavalry reimburses for rescheduled transfer through London

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Gatwick to Heathrow, harder than you might think

It’s a common occurrence these days making for a nightmare end to a vacation: Instead of leaving from Gatwick airport, south of London, a flight has been rescheduled to leave from Heathrow, some 40 miles away through traffic.

This happened to a family of Cavalry Travel Insurance clients, whose return from their European vacation took a turn for the worse when British Airways announced at the last minute that they would not meet their scheduled connection in Gatwick, but rather in Heathrow.

In these cases, the airlines will typically not offer transportation, and in most cases, will not provide any compensation.

The New Jersey couple arranged for a car service to take themselves, their two children and their luggage to Heathrow and they had to pay a hefty 360 GBP, or about $480 as a result.

Cavalry reimbursed the family for the full expense.

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