What’s the difference between Cavalry and other travel insurance?

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Tailored for high-end travelers

When our partners recommend Cavalry Elite Travel Insurance to their clients, a common question asked is: “How is this different from the travel insurance that I bought for my last trip?” Or: “How is this different from the insurance included with my credit card?’

A Cavalry policy is very different from other travel insurance policies. It’s almost an apples-to-oranges comparison.

Cavalry Elite Travel Insurance provides elite travel insurance benefits such as trip cancellation, trip interruption, lost baggage, primary medical expense coverage to $100,000, while empowering clients to determine where they want to receive medical treatment. Cavalry is a Redpoint Resolutions brand, built for the high-end leisure traveler and covering high-dollar trip costs for luxury vacations.

Most travel insurance policies will only reimburse for evacuations to the nearest appropriate medical facility once hospitalized, if deemed medically necessary by the local foreign attending physician. Cavalry will evacuate the traveler to their home hospital of choice when hospitalized – allowing the traveler to make critical medical care decisions.  Additionally, Cavalry provides access to Redpoint’s medical team of paramedics, nurses and physicians for medical consultations and second opinions, who are deployed bedside to manage the clients’ care at foreign hospitals as needed.

“Travelers don’t want to read all of the fine print or examine different levels of coverage to know if they would be protected in an emergency,” said Redpoint Resolutions VP Tom Bochnowski. “What they want is to enjoy their vacation and know that they are covered.”