Even on vacation, Redpoint medics are busy treating travelers

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Bee stings make for a busman’s holiday

Redpoint paramedics take vacations, too. And more often than not, they end up medically assisting other travelers in need, just as they help Cavalry clients while on duty.

A Redpoint medic and his wife were on vacation in Costa Rica and decided to take a sunset cruise. As the catamaran neared the shore of an island off the coast of Tamarindo, the boat’s staff began tossing fruit rinds overboard. That seemed to have attracted the unwanted attention of a swarm of bees.

Several of the guests were stung, including one woman in her 40s with a history of anaphylaxis. The Redpoint medic located the boat’s medical kit and found some antihistamines to give to the patient. For the remainder of the cruise he monitored her for swelling and any difficulty breathing.

Just another day at the office, thousands of miles away.

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Redpoint covers almost 10 million people worldwide and has evacuated clients from all seven continents.