Redpoint Senior Medical Advisor Dr. Paul Auerbach volunteers with orphanage in Haiti

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Bringing healthcare to Haitian orphans

Redpoint Resolutions Senior Medical Advisor Dr. Paul Auerbach has returned recently from Haiti, providing healthcare at an orphanage and two local towns near Port Salut.
After the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti that killed an estimated 220,000 people and rendered some 1.5 million homeless, UNICEF estimated that the number of orphans in the country doubled from approximately 380,000 to more than 700,000.
Through his good friend Dr. Edward Geehr, Dr. Auerbach met Pastor Sam Metelus, who was the leader in creating the Glory Glory orphanage in the southwestern village of Valere to care for some of the many orphans in Haiti. The orphanage was badly damaged in last year’s hurricane, but is now back on its feet. Sam has plans to build a school nearby in order to further educate the orphans and local students.

This month, Dr. Auerbach returned to help provide healthcare to the girls and boys housed there. Thanks to several international organizations, the complex is large enough to house 52 children. Dr. Auerbach reports that the children have amazing positive attitudes, and are enormously grateful for the assistance they are given.
You can read more about the Evolution Haiti project here.

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