Redpoint finds a culinary gem during operations tour of Laos

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The perks of due diligence and an overlooked Asian cuisine

Redpoint team members were touring Laos on one of their regular due diligence tours this month, when they came across a gastronomical find to remember.

One of the perks of visiting air providers, hospitals and other medical and security contacts throughout the world is the chance to sample the cuisine everywhere they go, and even find hometown favorites halfway across the globe.

One Redpoint travel specialist originally from San Antonio was surprised to find genuine barbecued brisket in Amman, Jordan, that passed the Texas test. Another time, a Redpoint team from California stumbled upon the only In-N-Out Burger in the Middle East (and one of only two outside the United States) while touring Saudi Arabia.

This time, the Asia team was fortunate enough to run across a Laotian restaurant that had recently been featured on CNN.

The Doi Ka Noi restaurant in Vientiane has been making international headlines in a country whose cuisine is not well known in the Western Hemisphere.

Redpoint’s staff had the chance to sample the national dish, larb – a meat salad flavored with mint, chili, lime and fish sauce – as well as tilapia and crispy duck.

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