Redpoint medical staff assists client injured in the middle of Antarctic Seas

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A slip and fall on choppy seas

Drake Passage

A client was on board a vessel traversing the rough seas between the Shetland Islands and Ushuaia, Argentina, when she lost her balance and was sent rolling across the ship’s deck.

The ship’s staff, trained in first aid, feared she may have suffered a spinal injury, so they put her on a backboard and fitted her with a cervical collar. They then called Redpoint for medical advisory services.

Over a satellite phone connection, Redpoint medical staff performed a neurological evaluation of the patient, via the first responders, and determined that she safely could be taken off of the backboard. The ship still had 52 hours left to cross the Drake Passage before arriving in mainland South America, presenting a number of difficulties for a patient confined to a backboard.

As the neurological and range of motion tests indicated that this was only a muscular injury, Redpoint staff also cleared her to wear a foam collar for the duration of the trip, rather than the much less comfortable, plastic C-collar. She was also able to take muscle-relaxer medication to make the rest of the cruise more comfortable.

In Ushuaia, she was evaluated at a hospital and was cleared for travel back home.

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