Redpoint medically assists client after motorcycle crash in France

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‘I felt a lot better knowing there was someone going to bat for them’

A Redpoint client and her husband were motorcycle riding through the foothills of the French Alps when she had a bad spill, was in a lot of pain, and was transported to a hospital in Chambéry, France for examination.

There, x-rays determined that she had an open fracture of her ulna and radius bones in her left arm, near her wrist, and it would require an operation. Her tour leader, Gretchen Beach of Beach Motorcycle Adventures, soon arrived at the hospital to check on her condition, and then contacted Redpoint operations for medical assistance.

Redpoint physicians reviewed her x-rays and agreed with the French doctors’ recommendations. She had been taken to an excellent French hospital, near Lyon, and was discharged soon after the successful operation.

Redpoint paramedics checked in on the patient regularly and kept Gretchen updated at every step. They re-arranged the couple’s flights home, and organized a car service in France and back home to the United States, where she is recovering nicely.

“Thank you for your excellent assistance with Jeanna and Nathan,” Gretchen wrote. “That evening I went with Nathan to check him in to his hotel and had him pack a bag to take to Jeanna in the hospital and then dropped him off around 9pm at the hospital as I had the van and had to get to the group an hour away.

“As I drove off I felt like I was leaving my 5-year-old at kindergarten for the first time, a feeling I always have when leaving a tour member to handle a hospitalized tour member. Then I started thinking about them having Redpoint and I felt a lot better knowing there was someone going to bat for them until they got home. It sure gave me a lot of peace of mind. Compared to the last few hospitalizations where my clients didn’t have Redpoint…well I’m very seriously considering either making it mandatory or simply including it [in our trips]. You are the best!”

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