Redpoint medically escorts woman home after broken ankles

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A fall from a ladder ends in hospitalization

Long Beach, CA

Redpoint staff provided a medical escort for woman in her 50s from her hospital bed in Long Beach, CA, to her home in Florida last week, after a lengthy treatment for her broken ankles.

The woman was at work when she fell off of a ladder and landed on her heels, causing multiple fractures in her heels and ankles. Her company called Redpoint to follow her treatment and ultimately transport her back home.

Doctors in Los Angeles recommended that she remain in casts for a couple of weeks before she traveled. When she was discharged, a Redpoint paramedic arrived at her bedside and transported her in a wheelchair to Los Angeles International Airport, where they boarded flight for Florida in business class seats. The medic continually monitored her condition until they arrived at her home.

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