Redpoint performs medical evacuation for client in South Africa

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Intestinal illness cuts short a Texas family’s trip

Pretoria, South Africa

On a September trip to Africa with his family, a client from Texas began to feel abdominal pains. His tour outfitter advised him to go immediately to the hospital for examination.

He was seen at a hospital west of Pretoria, South Africa, where the local physician initially suspected it was appendicitis. Further tests revealed the patient was experiencing a more serious problem in his intestines, a condition that would require surgery. The man’s son called Redpoint operations for assistance.

Redpoint’s doctors and the family agreed that with time playing a critical factor, immediate surgery at the Redpoint-vetted hospital was the best medical course of action. Redpoint immediately dispatched operations personnel from Redpoint’s South African operations center to the patient’s bedside in order to manage his care and assist the patient’s family.

The surgery was a success. Redpoint evacuated the client with a paramedic escort on a business class commercial flight enabling the patient to lie flat. The Redpoint paramedic escorted the patient back to Texas, ensuring he could recuperate safely at home.

“Your operations team were fantastic to work with and provided us with invaluable comfort in a trying time,” the patient’s son said. “Thank you to your entire team.”

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