Redpoint saves client from unnecessary spinal operation in Indonesia

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Medical evacuation to Sydney

The client is transferred to a Lear in Bali

A Redpoint Resolutions client, cruising on a yacht off of Indonesia, injured his spine in very choppy seas. He was tossed in the air and landed on the small of his back, causing a compression fracture in one of his lower vertebrae.

The yacht motored into Bali to bring him to a local hospital, where the ship’s crew called Redpoint for advice. Indonesian physicians recommended a highly invasive procedure to permanently immobilize the portion of his spine that was injured.

Redpoint physicians reviewed his information and advised against the operation for the other-wise healthy 36-year-old Australian. Redpoint medically evacuated the client by air ambulance, a Lear-45, to his to his home hospital in Sydney, where doctors confirmed the surgery was not required.

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