Redpoint steps in to help traveling clients whose pet was in the emergency room

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Scooter is recovering nicely

Cats have emergencies, too.

A cat sitter hired by traveling Redpoint clients called into report that their pet cat, Scooter, had to go to the emergency room, but she was unable to contact the travelers because of language barriers at the hotel. Scooter required an emergency intervention for a urinary tract blockage, and the pet sitter wanted to be sure the owners were aware.

Redpoint Operations contacted the clients’ travel guides in Havana, Cuba, to set up communications. The cat’s owners were made aware that Scooter was en route to the veterinary clinic.

Redpoint provided the clients with regular updates from the cat sitter about the intravenous fluids and other treatments the pet was receiving. Scooter has since made a full recovery.

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