Ski theft in Europe has become a ‘real problem,’ reports Ski Club of Great Britain

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Club chief urges skiers to buy travel insurance that covers sporting goods

The head of the Ski Club of Great Britain, Frank McCusker, described the theft of skis and snowboards as a “real problem,” after an internal survey revealed that one in eight members reported that they had been the victims of theft on the slopes.

“The value of snow sports equipment and the current laissez-faire approach to security most skiers take means easy pickings for thieves,” McCusker said. “Theft of skis and snowboards is a real problem. Not only is it distressing when you have your items stolen, it also impacts your precious time on the slopes and can ruin a holiday.

“I would urge anyone planning their next trip to take out a specialist winter sports insurance policy to make sure all your equipment is covered.”

Of the approximately three-quarters of Ski Club members who responded to a survey about their ski and snowboard gear, almost half valued them at £500-£800, or about $600 to $1,000.

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About 60% of respondents make no attempt to mark or identify their gear, the survey showed.  It also found that more than a quarter do not take security precautions when leaving their skis or snowboard unattended for lunch or après ski, and less than 5% used secure facilities to store their equipment.

“Remember to keep proof of purchase or rental receipt of your equipment as it is usually needed when making a claim,” McCusker said. “Always check what your policy covers you for before heading on holiday.”

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