Thinking of moving to Italy? Redpoint’s Communications Director has some answers

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Have you ever been on a vacation in Europe, wishing it would never end, and thought, “What if I just move here instead?” Hundreds of thousands of North Americans have done just that, and Italy is where many of them now call home.

Redpoint’s Resolutions’ John Moretti spent the better part of a decade working as a journalist in Italy, and lays out a plan for those thinking about making the move in his book, “Living Abroad: Italy,” a Moon travel handbook now in its fourth edition .

Finding a job, a place to live, a school for the kids and everything else from stay permits to interim health insurance to banking is a daunting set of tasks. This book helps take the worry and the frustration out that process by answering the important questions, and helping would-be expats with the right planning.

One of the hardest parts is zeroing in on a place that matches your lifestyle and career. Italy has a dizzying selection. Those dreaming of a rural retreat or retirement can choose from the well-known epicurean pleasures of Tuscany, the charm and thrill of the Alps, posh retreats on the Riviera, the citrus groves and laid-back beaches of Sicily, the vineyards, olive groves and crystal blue waters of Puglia, and many lesser-known paradises in between.

For urbanites and career professionals, the choice is usually between the bustle and innovation of Milan, the productivity of Turin, the tourist mecca of Florence and the romance of Rome. If you can find a job in Venice, you’ll be the envy of everyone back home.


John started out in Rome with the Associated Press and later moved to Milan as an editor with the Italian edition of the International Herald Tribune, in partnership with Italy’s largest news daily, Corriere della Sera. His brief television career included producer jobs with ABC, an interview with Giorgio Armani for A&E Biography, and an Australian documentary about Milan’s soccer rivals, AC Milan and Inter. In between, he has published and contributed to about a dozen books on Italy. His freelance reporting throughout Europe has appeared in the New York Sun, the Independent, Time Out, Frommer’s, and others.

In order to find the place that’s right for you, you’ll need a few scouting trips to Italy before you’re ready to make the move. If this is something that interests you, feel free to reach out to John with questions at

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